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Smart Array Controller P400 - Rebuild status

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Smart Array Controller P400 - Rebuild status


I have got the following situation on an HP Proliant DL380 G5 Server with RAID1 on Smart Array Controller P400.

One disk in the array faild, so it has to be replaced by a new one. The disk change was procedured while the system was running and the rebuild of the array starts normaly immediately after the disk was inserted. The HP Array configuratin utillity says also, that evrything works well. But the LEDs on the front of the new disks iritate me a little.

The left LED (status) is much brighter than the status LED on the other older disks in this server. It seems also that the status LED on the new disk is not so green as the other stutus LEDs on the older disks. The light of the status LED on this new disk looks more warm white than green. It seems also so that the right LED (error / uid) is blinking a little bit green. But not half so bright like the left one. However the blink frequency of the status LED on the new disk synchronous with the other status LEDs from disks of this array. Does anybody know whether there is a problem? Is this critical? The HP manual don't help me in this case.

Here are the part numbers of the disks:
Old disk No. was: 418367-B21
New disk ´No is: 507125-B21

Can anybody help me? Sorry for my bad english, english isn't my mother tounge.



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Re: Smart Array Controller P400 - Rebuild status

Depending on the disk model the disk has no LED itself, but a lightpipe from the backplane to the front. If this lightpipe is not correctly in place, the light is maybe a bit darker or different compared to others.
Same for LEDs directly mounted inside the disk frame. More important is that you can see blue, green or red, don't care if it is darker or brighter.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Smart Array Controller P400 - Rebuild status

It's possible that light is 'leaking' from one LED to others near them.
(They should be separated by plastic material in the housing, but there are always variations and a small gap could let light through. )
And the LEDs being brighter can be because they're from a different manufacturing plant and have slightly different characteristics.

I see that the disks are different(#G and 6G SAS drives) but as long as the new one is 'better' it shouldn't matter.

You may want to possibly update the Firmware of the P400 and the HDDs afterwards, though.
(There may be small incompatibilities between old and new drives, or with the new drive and controller. )

Just keep an eye on the rebuild status in the ACU until it's finished.
(You can sometimes speed up rebuild by adjusting controller settings, but this may slow access for users.)
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Re: Smart Array Controller P400 - Rebuild status

Hello together,

I made a short video and an image of the situation. Mayby somone of you can have a look at the situation.

Here are the Links to the picture / video: (Picture) (Video 14,2 MB)

Bay 1 and Bay 2 build one array on the picture. This array works fine without any problems.

Bay 3 and 4 build also one array, but the disk in bay 3 faild and was changed against a new disk. On picture and video the disk in bay 3 is the new one.

The Old disk was an 3G disk the newone is 6G.