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Smart Array E200 recovering take 4 days

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Smart Array E200 recovering take 4 days

Server Model- HP Proliant DL 160 G 5

DATA size- 400 GB

Error - 1 HDD failed (no fault tolerant)

step what i did:
1. power off

2.replace HDD 

3. power on

4. press F1 to recover


it's been 4 days recovering data.

Any advise that this is normal or something wrong.


if something wrong with this, what migt be the best solution.


thanks adv.



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Re: Smart Array E200 recovering take 4 days

if there is no fault tolerance it's tells me that this is a raid 0, and will not rebuild itself.  



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Re: Smart Array E200 recovering take 4 days

I'm guessing it was at least a RAID 1. I think it gives that message about non-fault tolerant if one of the drives in a RAID 1 goes bad, just to let you know "Hey, you're running on a single drive right now".

If this guy's post from January hasn't been resolved (hopefully it didn't take 5 months to rebuild), or just for anyone Googling and landing here:

Use the array tools in the OS to monitor rebuild progress... it's simple, and you should really have those tools installed. In the Windows SSA program you can see the rebuild progress and even change the rebuild priority.

For example, if you really want the array rebuilt quickly and you can take a hit on drive performance during that process, bump the rebuild priority to high. Or if you can afford to have it take hours or even days to rebuild and performance is critical even during a non-redundant situation, set priority to low. It will take a long time to rebuild in that case, if the disk activity from the OS is higher.

It also depends on the drive size. Obviously a pair of 72GB drives will rebuild faster than a pair of 600GB drives, and same goes for if you're using 5400 RPM SATA compared to 15K RPM SAS.

Could I envision a rebuild taking 4 days? I guess if I set rebuild priority to low, had a heavily loaded I/O, had 5400 RPM SATA 4TB drives, etc. etc. Worst case scenario for everything.

But really, 4 days seems a little excessive and I bet if he actually took a look, maybe something else was happening that was keeping it from rebuilding as fast.