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Smart Array E200

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Smart Array E200


Is it possible to extend the storage on an existing raid 0+1 without disturbing the data that is already on the disks?


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Re: Smart Array E200

Hi Tom,
In principle, it is possible but with several caveats (and more details about your setup would help like number of disks, array(s), OS).
1. Obviously, donâ t attempt this without a tested backup.
2. A Battery Backed Write-back Cache upgrade is required for the E200
3. To expand the total capacity on the controller, you need to add disks in pairs and same type
4. Unless you plan just to add additional volumes, the Operating System needs to support volume expansion online.

Now my get out of jail free card! I have not done this myself but reviewed the Quick Specs for the E200 (for point 2) and the Array Configuration Utility User Guide under the CLI section for point 3. The later point had a note about expanding RAID 1 + 0 with a single disk will prompt to migrate to RAID 5.

Hope that helps,
Regards, Dave