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Smart Array E400 .deb based Linux utilities

Damir Dezeljin
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Smart Array E400 .deb based Linux utilities


I just got a new DL380R05 (I guess this is G5) server with an SmartArray E400 RAID controller installed in.

For business continuity reasons I need to install Ubuntu Linux Server on the machine (8.04). I already did it. The problem I'm facing is I can't get the Smart Array utilities and especially monitor daemon working on the Ubuntu system. The reason for this is I have just .rpm packages for SLES and RH ES. Even if installing the packages manually, the binary don't execute.

I can imagine support desk will say I have to install SLES or RH ES; however, this isn't an option. So please provide hints how to get things working on Ubuntu and possible downsides - unfortunately it is too late to change the server for another one supporting Ubuntu based Linux.

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Re: Smart Array E400 .deb based Linux utilities


yes I am sure that HP is going to tell you it is not supported...

since it is distribution not highly used check this

and I recommend to post this in ubuntu forum or HP linux forum too

you will get more help

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