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Smart Array Failure in 7 Servers

Marc-Oliver Roos
Occasional Visitor

Smart Array Failure in 7 Servers

Hello together,

in our Company we have roundabout 250 HP ProLiant-Server (ML370 / 570 - all Generations).

In the last 2 Weeks we had a lot of trouble with the SmartArrays.

In fact - the SmartArray sometimes looses his complete Array - after 3-4 Reboots the array is on - and then again away.....

The Problem is, that i don´t see the SmartArray in the Configuration - the HDD´s shining red. An Hardware-Change (HDD, Cage, SmartArray) doesn´t solve the Problem...

I 2 Servers we had the luck, that an BIOS-Update was the solution - but in other Servers this doesn´t work...???

Anyone else have the same Problems?

Robert Walker_8
Valued Contributor

Re: Smart Array Failure in 7 Servers


Depending on what OS your running (Eg Windows) put the HP system agents on - this provides some clues!

I have found Linux HP agents are a bit more of a concern - however Windows ones no problems.

The only other thought, which again might be seen with the agents installed is that you batteries on the cache boards could all be past their used by date and are dropping off - this should normally cause the accelerator boards to go offline but the array should continue at reduced performance as there wont be any writeback caching to the disks - it will all be synchronised writes, but worth checking.

I would suggest calling HP myself - thats why they provide warranties and product support - although they are going to ask for HP agent logs to assist them!

Marc-Oliver Roos
Occasional Visitor

Re: Smart Array Failure in 7 Servers

Hello an thx for your response,

we have Agents in use - but this doesn´t help...

HP-Support is in use - but at time they had no solution....

Just want to know if anyone else had the problem... ;-)

I never had such a frekay crash...

Pradip Chakrabarti
Frequent Advisor

Re: Smart Array Failure in 7 Servers

You may check event logs / adu for any related entry
david daigler
Occasional Visitor

Re: Smart Array Failure in 7 Servers

We have had 5 failures in 5 months in our ML530 servers with 5302 array cards. There seems to be a correlation with the serial numbers. Check the serial numbers of your failed cards against there failed serial numbers to see if they are close and let me know. HP seems to know nothing about this.