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Smart Array P410i Firmware ver. 3.30

Marcel Altstaedt
Regular Visitor

Smart Array P410i Firmware ver. 3.30


does anyone know why the Firmware ver. 3.30 is no longer available? Are there any known problems with this version?
Proliant Watch
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Marcel Altstaedt
Regular Visitor

Re: Smart Array P410i Firmware ver. 3.30

Thanks for your replay but your link is for Smart Array P400 and not P410.
There was a version 3.30 for Smart Array P410/P410i some days ago and now the latest version seems to be version 3.00.
Graeme Bray
Regular Advisor

Re: Smart Array P410i Firmware ver. 3.30

From the P410i Release Notes:

Smart Array Firmware Version 3.30 is no longer available for download. If this version of firmware has been installed on a server configured with SATA hard drives in your computing environment, it should be immediately downgraded to version 3.00. Customers who have SAS hard drives do not need to revert back to Smart Array Firmware Version 3.0 and may remain at Smart Array Firmware version 3.30.

For additional information, reference the Customer Advisory available at the following URL:

The issue mentioned in the Advisory,where hard drives are incorrectly flagged as â Failedâ , is specific to Smart Array Controller Firmware Version 3.30 and SATA hard drives. Earlier versions of Smart Array Controller firmware are NOT affected. In addition, Smart Array Controllers configured with SAS hard drives are NOT affected.

A future version of the Smart Array Controller firmware will also prevent the SATA hard drives from being incorrectly flagged as failed. The advisory and release notes will be updated when more information becomes available.

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Re: Smart Array P410i Firmware ver. 3.30

Hi Marcel,

we had to reinstall a complete server, as, with 3.30, the server did not start again, once downed with the new FW. nothing helped.
It screwed up the drive-# order and refused to boot from #2 which now was my boot-drive.
I had to remove all drives, kill c-drive, create c (drive #1) as new, and perform a baremetal 2008 recovery (at least, MS made this really good in 2008 server !) then i could re-attach the 2 other arrays that i just plugged off before as Drive #2 and #3. What a hassle, took me more than 1 day ! incl. some sensless tipps from the hp support that didnt work at all. So if you have 3.3 running-> perform that downgrade as long as the server is still running. Maybe (i dont wish you so) it wont come up again.

Greets from munich,

Ken Krubsack
Trusted Contributor

Re: Smart Array P410i Firmware ver. 3.30

3.30 had issues and was recalled. There is a 3.50 release now.