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Smart Array P420i setup

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Occasional Contributor

Smart Array P420i setup

We are thinking of getting a HP ProLiant DL 360p G8 (646904-421) for doing some virtualization (linux kvm). This comes with a SmartArray P420i 2GB FBWC. From the docs/specs i have seen we can mix sas/sata-disks but not if they can have different raid levels and speed, eg we want


  • 2 x sas2 15k rpm in raid1, and
  • 4 x sata 7.3rpm in raid 5 (or raid 6 with saad2)

Could someone shed som light on this? Is it possible with the one controller card included or should we get an additional card?


Also if we should consider other things when it comes to the disk system, I suppose we might consider exchanging the two system sas2 hdds for ssds in raid 1...



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Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: Smart Array P420i setup

In the past it's been OK to mix on the same controller but not to mix them in the same array.

So you could create 1 array with 2x SAS and 1 array with 4 x SATA.