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Smart Array P600 ML350 G4p Fan-out Cable


Smart Array P600 ML350 G4p Fan-out Cable

We've recently purchased a ML350 G4p SAS/SATA model and a Smart Array P600 SAS controller. The server came with a SAS Fan-out cable. An 80G hard drive was connected to the controller directly through cable (yes, not through the backplane). The HDD itself was powered by using a 4-pin Molex to SATA power adapter. All parts were tested separately. The firmwares of the HDD and the controller were flashed to the latest version, and were confirmed compatible with the information provided on HP web site. However, the HDD could not be detected by the controller during POST or within Windows.

We were suspecting the controller was faulty. However, replacing the controller with another one (used the same battery backed cache, which we could not prove it was faulty or not) did solve the problem. We are now considering the problem comes from the SATA power adapter, because the 4 pin Molex connector only provides 12v and 5v power. Without the 3.3v power supply, the HDD will not be able implement its hot plug functions.

I just wanna know if this configuration is certainly not correct because of the power supply of the HDD, or there might be other variables we might have to look at (e.g. a faulty cache module).


Re: Smart Array P600 ML350 G4p Fan-out Cable

Just powered up the machine again and was trying to configuration Windows, however find it by chance that the diagnose error led on the back of the controller board is in amber. It was good a few hours ago before the onsite egineer replaced it with another P600 to test the configuration (he did actually pull the battery backed cache out of my controller and use it on the controller he brough in). The server and the controller were never touched until I powered it up 5 minutes ago.

Does anyone know what it the real issue is? Thanks a lot. Looks like I have to call HP again, though I had a very bad experience previously for this case.