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Smart Array RAID level migration

Andrey Gradilenko
Occasional Contributor

Smart Array RAID level migration

Hello !


I have Smart Array Controller P410 with four sas HDDs  in RAID5  and one LUN maximum size on it.  If  I expand RAID5 array group up to 8 HDDs without creation additional LUNs -  P410 can support mirgation exiting RAID5 level to RAID50 level ?  

Honored Contributor

Re: Smart Array RAID level migration

Expanding a 4-disk RAID5 set to 8 disks does not make it a RAID50; it will just be a bigger RAID5 set.


P410 should support expansion, but may require that you have a write cache module installed: either a BBWC (Battery Backed Write Cache) or a newer FBWC (Flash Backed Write Cache).


The write cache module also increases the performance of the controller, so in my opinion it's kind of silly to buy systems without it. But sometimes someone wants to buy "the cheapest model possible"...

Andrey Gradilenko
Occasional Contributor

Re: Smart Array RAID level migration

My controller with BBWC module.  Support migration exactly RAID5 to RAID50 ?

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Re: Smart Array RAID level migration

Hi Andrey,


Yes you can. Please use ACU for migration. Refer to:

Please go topage 25 and follow the guidelines.


Hope this will be helpful.

Please share the success :)



SF Hussain

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