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Re: Smart Array and mix 10K/15K HDD


Smart Array and mix 10K/15K HDD

I have HP DL380е G8 with P420FBWC and some SAS 10K 300Gb in RAID5.
I also have a free SAS 15K 300Gb.
Can I mix these drives in the same array ( logical drive)?
Interested stability, rather than the performance increase.
As the controller will work out a situation where neighboring drives in a single array differently respond to requests to read or write?
Thank you


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Re: Smart Array and mix 10K/15K HDD

Yes, you can have drives with different rotation speeds wtihin the same logical volume on a Smart Array controller.


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Re: Smart Array and mix 10K/15K HDD

i use 9 piece U320 SCSI 72.8GB HPE storege drives in Raid0 with different rotation speeds 8 piece of 10K and one drive 15K. 

can be used different speeds only will all work on 10K

you can use different sizes or lose the capacity of the disks.ghgh.png