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Smart Array b110i can only detect 700GB of 3TB

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Smart Array b110i can only detect 700GB of 3TB

Hi support,


My server HP ML110G7 now has raid 1+0 (1TB x 2).


Now i just want to add (3TB x 2) for storage only..


When i try to use the F8 in bios, it only allows me to create a logical drive of only 800GB..What could be the problem?


The ACU in windows will detect it as 0TB.


Could updating the driver solve it?


Im using windows server 2012 foundation.



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Re: Smart Array b110i can only detect 700GB of 3TB

Sorry, the B110i only supports 2 TiB (2.2 TB) drives, the maximum that is supported by 32-bit LBAs (logical block addresses).  


If software tries to store the value of 3 TB in a 32-bit variable, which supports a maximum LBA of 2.2 TB, then it will interpret the value as 800 GB ( 3 TB - 2.2 TB = 800 GB) like you are seeing.


Although newer controllers support drives larger than 2 TiB by supporting 64-bit LBA addressing, you still have to be careful with boot drives.  On BIOS-based systems, Windows only supports booting from < 2 TiB drives; it only supports > 2 TiB boot drives on UEFI-based systems.  Linux, on the other hand, is capable of booting from larger drives on BIOS-based systems when using the grub2 or syslinux bootloaders.  To boot Windows with one of the newer controllers, you should ensure the logical drive used for booting is < 2 TiB.