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Smart Array drive port conflict with re-mirroring

Alan Snider
Occasional Contributor

Smart Array drive port conflict with re-mirroring

Sorry about the length of this note ...

Due to an Windows patch failure, we had to restore a dl360 g3 from backup. The server
had a mirrored array (ie. two drives). The controller is a Smartarray 5i embedded.

To bypass a Windows install prior to restoration, we removed the 2 drives from the g3. Then, we inserted a single drive from a mirrored array of a Windows based dl360 g1.

Since the array definition and disk partitions of the g1 & g3 matched, we booted to Windows on the G3 from the borrowed g1 drive and successfully restored from backup.

Once the g3 was restored, we inserted a 2nd drive hoping that the g3 would recreate the mirrored array. This did not work. The Smart Array controller seems confused by array "port number".

The array from the dl360g1 referenced drives on port 2; the dl360g3 controller sees drives on port 1.

On the g3, the array config utility reports "controller in embedded slot has a bad or missing drive attached to scsi port2, ID1.

It displays the following physical devices:

Array A:
---- 72gb, Port 1, ID 1
---- "broken drive icon", Port 2, ID 1

When the 2nd drive is inserted, it reports as 72gb, port 1, id 0. We cannot get it to rejoin the mirror.

Is there a way to resolve this port number confusion, or any suggestions on how to get the g3 to remirror the array.

Any response is greatly appreciated.

Edd Walch
Occasional Advisor

Re: Smart Array drive port conflict with re-mirroring

Have you tried resetting the bios and rom settings. This may make the bios forget about the drive it thinks is still there but has failed.

I cannot rememeber exactly where, but I think on the Smartstart CD or in the system bios, there is an option to reset these.
Occasional Visitor

Re: Smart Array drive port conflict with re-mirroring

I encountered Smart Array drive port conflict same as Alan Snider but I have configure with 4x9.1GB raid 5.
If anyone has any solutions to this it would be apprecieted.