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Smart Array in our DL370 G6


Smart Array in our DL370 G6

This server has a SATA RAID1 logical drive (2 drives 500 GB each) system problem

I just added 3 SAS disks and created a RAID 5 logical drive. Both logical drives show up in ACU no problems, no errors. 

Server is Windows 2008 R2 Standard. Problem is when I go to view both logical drives in Windows disk manager; I see both drives but I can't create any paritions or fomat the new SAS logical drive, no option available. I can't understand what is happeneing.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. See image attached...


Re: Smart Array in our DL370 G6

Hey folks, not sure what the issue was but it's resolved. I had no data on this new array so I deleted it and recreated the RAID 5 array from the same 3 SAS drives and now in Windows I have the option to create volumes..?

I also applied some missing updates from the last 3 mos, this server went out of production back then, so it just repurposed and just brought it back online.

So all is good...