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Smart Array p410 SAAP key

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Smart Array p410 SAAP key


We have not integrated raid controller P410 installed and wish to use it's raid6 functionality.

We had used key from the papers but we have noticed, that the key was a trial (there was no just any warning on paper or even then typed it in menu).

And now we have a dead soon system and cannot find where we can buy this SAAP key. All your partners told us that it is too old hardware and they cannot get a key for us.

Can you please help us to get one or get the patch to controller or maybe some other solutions ?

Raid is about 2Tb size and we can't even backup it somewhere. And yes, we can't just turn off this server for a period longer than 2h.

p.s. If we change one p410 controller to another one (p410 too) can you guarantee that raid massive will be not be messed up or it is a thing that you'll never can't be sure ?

Jimmy Vance
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Re: Smart Array p410 SAAP key

I think the only option here is to call HPE support and open a case

No support by private messages. Please ask the forum! 
Edwin Eppel
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Re: Smart Array p410 SAAP key

I was going to suggest the same as Jimmy Vance: contact HPE directly. It might require the purchase of a support contract if you don't have one?

Why can you not backup? No USB ports? A 2TB backup drive is fairly inexpensive these days. Have you run ACU to see if there is an option to downgrade the RAID lvl? If you have enough disk space you could migrate from RAID 6 to 5, but it can be a fairly long process.

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Re: Smart Array p410 SAAP key

There is no free space at all =(

You'r right, this is goin to be a case..

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Re: Smart Array p410 SAAP key


What was Hp reply on this case? I have a similar case