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Smart Carrier or Drive Caddie for ML110 Gen10

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Smart Carrier or Drive Caddie for ML110 Gen10

I am unsure if this is the correct location for this question however, I have just recently purchased an HP ML110 Gen10. My problem is that I have a large volume of 1TB Enterprise drives laying around and would prefer to use my own drives on the server.  No matter who I ask or who I  question, I cant get a straight answer as to what will or will not work as far as the caddy for my drives to go in. The server is entry level and takes 3.5" LFF 6G SATA drives. The unit is non hot pluggable but I am unable to find what caddie is required to interface with the drive cage in this server. I have some Gen8/Gen9 caddies (non hot plug) that do NOT work. I spent an hour on the phone with tech support this morning trying to get an answer from one of the HPE technicians to no avail. If you have any input on this, I would really appreciate some guidance. The technician did tell me that if I wanted to purchase drives (as this is the only way he knows to get the caddies) I could purchase these part numbers:






Thanks in advance.



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Re: Smart Carrier or Drive Caddie for ML110 Gen10


All of the listed HDD Product Numbers (except the last one), are also listed in the Server QuickSpecks and are compatible with your device:

Page 20 / Core Options - HPE Hard Drives


Regarding the Smart Carrier Caddies - they are part of any Smart Carrier Hard Drive (HPE genuine HDDs) and can not be purchased separately (at least not from any HPE sertified Re-seller).


Even if you find anywhere such caddies separately and install them on your drives, they will most probably not funkction stable because of following SC feature:


"Smart carrier authentication to verify that both drive and carrier are HP-qualified options".


The best would be to choose supported options from the QuickSpecks and purchase them from sertfied re-seller. 

Thank you
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Re: Smart Carrier or Drive Caddie for ML110 Gen10

I made the attempt to order via the quickspecs. I was told the drives that I wanted were disontinued. Those drives were $248.00 for 2TB, however there was a replacement drive that was only $498.00 for 4TB. I am amazed as I dont really care about HP certified this or that, These are non-hotplug type drives, they are not mission critical, and the drives that HP uses with either be WD or Seagate. I have my own enterprise quality drives and can use them, whether or not these drives pass the HP litmus test for spending money, is not my concern.  I have other HP servers that are mission critical, they do have HP drives in them.  My issue is that it should be up to me and I should not be locked into a product that I did not have any desire to purchase, so now I am stuck buying 4 $300.00 drives that I already own, the only difference is the carriers. The deceptive method and business model are what I have an issue with. I dont like being taken advantage of, especially for a $30.00 carrier. I am amazed that HP would prefer to loose a customer rather than help.

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Re: Smart Carrier or Drive Caddie for ML110 Gen10

I was searching for the answer too and I found it. Thought I'd save a lot of IT guys some trouble. The LFF Drives (3.5 inch, not the SFF 2.5 inch) use the "passive trays" that are found in Apollo 4200 Gen9 servers.  They do not have the contacts for the LEDs so keep that in mind. They are literally just guides. The part number is 774026-001. They work like a charm. I dunno why HP does not mention this in their documentation as these trays have a seperate part number unlike the gen8 and gen9 trays which needed to be bought with a HP hard drive. Hope this helps. =)

On another note, if you are going to install 2.5 inch SSDs on an LFF cage, the ICY DOCK Converter for Enterprise+SAS (EZConvert Pro MB982IP-1S-1 ) works like a charm. 

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Re: Smart Carrier or Drive Caddie for ML110 Gen10

As far as i know non hot Plug ML110 gen10 is coming with tray which accept drives without caddies. You should install drives to the tray itself. Just pick any SATA drive , better NAS HDD like WD RED, GOLD and install it directly without any caddy. 

HPE people will insist that you install only HPE drives, but I assure you any HDD will work without any problem and compability issues. 


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Re: Smart Carrier or Drive Caddie for ML110 Gen10

I tried this using the Icydock MB982IP-1S-1  with Intel 545s 512GB/1TB and Samsung 860Pro 512GB and 1TB drive on the S100i SR g10 Raid 1, it keeps throwing disk errors and after a while, the array would fail.

Ran the SPP to the latest version, tried it on 20 different Ml110 G10s and they all replicate the same issue. 

Can anyone provide some advise ? HPE says please use HPE drives but they dont sell the LFF drives i want.



Re: Smart Carrier or Drive Caddie for ML110 Gen10

Hi ,

HPE does not provide separate smart carier. It always goes with the drives. So  its not recommended to add a smart carrier separately to the drives.



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