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Smart Start 8.3 for Proliant

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Smart Start 8.3 for Proliant


in the SmartStart sofftware there is the product: "Headless Server Registry Update for Windows"
What is it good for?

Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: Smart Start 8.3 for Proliant

Well generally Headless means without Graphics or User Interfaces. So without a screen,keyboard or mouse.
So I've always thought its making sure that the registry isnt complaining they are missing and giving you error messages.

I could be wrong.
Honored Contributor

Re: Smart Start 8.3 for Proliant

You have it correct Adrian. The server may normally display an error if no keyboard is connected at bootup. This update prevents that error from appearing. From the product description:

"This component eliminates a spurious error message that occurs when a PS/2 keyboard or mouse are not connected. Windows should not display this error because itâ s normal for servers to run "headless" (without any input devices), use USB devices, or use the iLO remote console."

good luck!