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Smart Start 8.6

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Occasional Contributor

Smart Start 8.6

Theres no option for 2011 Server when selecting an operating system in Smart Start.


I understand that it's 2008 anyway, but I get an error "This disk does not match the selected operating system. Missing:sources/install.wim" when asked to the OS disk.

I have been selecting MS Windows SBS 2008, Standard X64 Edition

and I have Windows SBS 2011 Standard DISK.


Ideas what to do here appreciated.



Sorry for cross posting this (put it in the Appliance forum by mistake)

Jimmy Vance

Re: Smart Start 8.6

Have you tried just booting of the SBS media without using SmartStart? SmartStart is generally just a helper, and not required to install an OS (unless the OS doesn't have a boot critical driver inbox)

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Occasional Contributor

Re: Smart Start 8.6

Thanks for your reply.

As I assume you would know, using the Smart Start is convienient as it loads the drivers for you.

This is the problem with loading the OS directly. SBS insists on being on the network in order to install!

And it doesnt have native NIC drivers for the HP G6.


What I don't understand is why 2011 server is not a part of the install options in Smart Start 8.6?


Further suggestions appreciated.



Occasional Contributor

Re: Smart Start 8.6

I downnloaded Smart Start 8.7 x64 and it works perfectly.


2011 server and 8.6 was supplied WITH the serer!