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Smart Start for the ML350 G3

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Smart Start for the ML350 G3

We have a Proliant ML350 G3 and I am trying to install Windows Server 2003 using the HP Smart Start CD (I havn't setup a server before.) My boss gave me an HP Smart Start CD and said it would install the OS and drivers for me but it must have been x64 bit because it wouldn't work. I tried downloading another Smart Start x32 bit version and it didn't work either. Can somebody tell me which one and where I need to download the Smart Start CD compatable with this server? Also if you could give me some pointers as to how to use it/set it up.

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Re: Smart Start for the ML350 G3

That is the same version that I already tried. After it boots up into the CD it says "This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU."

I think I need to use an older version of Smart Start but do not know which one or where to download it.


Re: Smart Start for the ML350 G3

You must download Smart Start 8.25 or later.

If you read the release notes, you will find that ML350 G3 support has been removed from SS 8.30.

from the aboave link
select revesion history
scroll down to the 8.25 link
select the link and download the iso image.

If you go through
support and drivers
down load drivers
ml350 G3

If you select Win2003, the listet ss is 8.25
If you select Win2000 5.5 and 7.90 is listet.


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