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Smart Start v6

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Mike Leighton_1
Occasional Advisor

Smart Start v6


We've just purchased a new DL560 which requires version 6.x of Smart Start rather than the v5 that I am used to.

2 Questions about 6.x:

There does not seem to be an option to create a system partition and copy system config. Is this not supported anymore or am I missing something?

Also when installing an OS (windows platform) some of the options are skipped, for example the ability to customize what windows components are installed. Again am I missing something?

Any help much appreciated.
Ian Matthews_2
Valued Contributor

Re: Smart Start v6

g2 servers and above all use smartstart 6.+

instead of the partition and system config, it's all done with RBSU (rom based setup utility)

I configure windows components after automated install (but yes I have noticed that wit SS 6.+)
Mike Leighton_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Smart Start v6

OK I see it now.

That's great - thanks for your help