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SmartArray 431 and IBM 18.2GB

Steve Szuster
Occasional Advisor

SmartArray 431 and IBM 18.2GB

Hi all,

I am trying to connect an IBM 18.2GB(Model 09L4056) Ultra Wide LVD drive to a SmartArray 431 Controller via the Hot Plug cage in a Proliant 1600. The Array Controller will not recognize the drive and errors out and will not even let me boot with the existing Array when the IBM is installed.

I am however able to connect the drive to the onboard SCSI and FDISK/FORMAT the IBM without a problem. I have also upgraded the firmware on the SmartArray with the latest rev.

Any ideas as to how to get the drive working with the SmartArray?
Antonio Luiz de Oliveir
Frequent Advisor

Re: SmartArray 431 and IBM 18.2GB

I think it will not work with a non-compaq Hard Disk.