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SmartArray 642 on ML370G3-Error 1776

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SmartArray 642 on ML370G3-Error 1776


I'm setting up a SA642 on ML370G3 for 2 non-hot plug HP U320 disks.(the existing hot plug disks will be connected to the storage case and used with the on-board Ultra3 SCSI adapter).

I used the spare SCSI cable (which came with the server) to connect the SA642 and the 2 new non-hot plug disks.

On booting up, I get the error with the SA642:

1776 - slot 1- SCSI Bus Error - Single Ended SCSI Enclosure or Device Attached

None of the disks are SE and removing the existing disks also does not help.

When changing to another SCSI cable, I'm able to detect the disks OK. (see attached photo, top white cable is the one which came with the server. Bottom one is the cable that works OK)

Since I will need to add more disks to the SA642 and the cable that works does not have enough spare connector, I want to ensure that we are setting it up properly.

1. Is there any specific cable requirement for the SA642?

2. I'm not sure if it makes sense, is there a SE cable (perhaps the first one) and the other cable is a LVD?

Many thanks for your assistance

Kind regards