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SmartArray 6i Re-enable Array

Zack Kiley
Occasional Visitor

SmartArray 6i Re-enable Array

OK, so here is the situation:

We have a StorageWorks 4354 connected to a SmartArray 6i controller on a HP DL320 server. There are 7 discs configured in RAID5 in the StorageWorks.

We had a red light on 4 of the 7 drives after an accidental hitting the cable from the StorageWorks to the controller card. We powered off the server, powered off the Array and brought up the Array then the server. When it turned on, it said it didn't detect any of the disks and the logical drive has been disabled ( and potential data lost may have occurred)

In the diagnostic report, it indicates that drive 4 is the culprit (from what I can gather) so my question is can I replace that 1 drive and re-enable the array without any data loss (or very minimal) at a worst case?

Also, what is the possability of the EMU being bad affecting this? Could it be a hardware error.

Report attached, any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks!