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SmartArray P212 Question (Rebuilding, etc.)

Andreas Bürgel
Occasional Advisor

SmartArray P212 Question (Rebuilding, etc.)


my ProLiant has an RAID 1 on an P212 ZeroMemory Controller, where an SBS 2003 resides.

Yesterday i had to force a Power-Down (by disconnecting the power cable // holding the power button pressed) while the system was running.

After the system has been booted again, i expected to see an "rebuilding" on the Raid Controller, but the Raid / Logical Volume was in state "normal" and there were no warning in ACU.

I know from previous Raid Controllers (3ware) i have used, there is always a rebuild initialized after forcing a power down...

But this doesn't happen on the P212 ZM. Is this normal?

I've also tried to find an option in ACU to "manually" initiate an rebuild, but there is not such an option!

i am confused!

Occasional Advisor

Re: SmartArray P212 Question (Rebuilding, etc.)

No option to force a rebuild. The controller will rebuild when needed. I've forced power off may times without having skewed data on a smart array.
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