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Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor



i have a Problem by install Linux SuSE 7.0 on me Server.

If I must with bootdisk boot i load the module cpqarra with option eisa=0x300 (this is for EISA SmartArray Controller)

The load Modules is OK
but in the kernel Messages stands

Loadimg Module cpqarray eisa=0x3000
Using /lib/modules/2.2.16/block/cpqarrray.o
Compaq SMART2 Drivers (v 1.09)
Found 1 controller(s)
cpqarray: Finding drives on ida0 (SMART)
cpqarray ida/c0d0: blkszQ2 nr_blksA08878
ida/c0d0: <4>cpqarray: Completion of 07b0000 ignored
Unknow partitiontable

Now a reload the Module and load him now.

an in the Kernel Messages is OK

Now my question: I must do what ??

Best regards

Wolfgang Rhein

Sorry for my English, is not good :-)
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: SmartArray

First verify what model of EISA array controller you have by checking the Compaq 9 digit part number that is on the controller. Then see this web page for information on installing the Linux OS onto the EISA array controller models.

Did you create a logical array volume on the array of drives before you tried to install the Linux OS? Use the Compaq array configuration utility that is on the SmartStart CD that came with the system. When you install the Linux OS. you must use the custom install method and create a Linux boot partition on the logical array volume first. You install the Lilo boot manager into this partition. The boot partition must be 1024 cylinders or less, so make the boot partition 100 MB or smaller. Then partition the rest of the logical array volume any way you want. Make sure the swap partition is twice the size as the amount of memory that is in the system.

See these web pages for additional information on installing the Linux OS onto Compaq Proliant systems.