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SmartStart 7.0 ROM update utility

Jeff Lane_2
Occasional Visitor

SmartStart 7.0 ROM update utility

When I load the smartstart 7.0 CD, goto the Maintenance tab, I can't seem to find out how to update the firmware for my Smart Array 431. There is no option to update. Am I doing something wrong?

Re: SmartStart 7.0 ROM update utility

Smart Start 7.0 does not have the function anymore. It is by subscription only. Do the online rom flash once Windows is loaded.

Frequent Advisor

Re: SmartStart 7.0 ROM update utility

This is a very unsatisfactory answer. Everything that we worried about when HP took over is occuring.

I noticed this today as well. There are several circumstances where you may have a problem and not have the option to do the online update.

I have a 5i controller issue that could possibly be firmware, but HP has ruined the ease of administration.

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: SmartStart 7.0 ROM update utility

Okay, several things need to be mentioned here...

First of all, SmartArray 431 firmware using the classic offline flash method is still available for download at no charge at

Secondly, as SmartStart functionality has been improving it also started running out of disk space as the amount of firmware it was delivering expanded. Evaluating several options, adding the cost of another CD to the SmartStart pack was not an option. At the same time wanting to enhance the value of the SmartStart Subscription Service, the decision was made to create a "Firmware Update CD" that would be included with the subscription kit.

Again, since this was not the only method to acquire firmware updates (and since both online and offline versions were and still are available) this did not mean that customers would have to pay for a subscription as the only way to get a firmware update. However, we've heard loud and clear that the convenience factor of booting a CD that has all of the latest firmware, selecting it and going, was a major requirement for a lot of customers--a lot more than was expected.

You might think that HP arbitrarily makes these decisions, but customer research was done and it didn't indicate this kind of response.

Without pre-announcing the plans, an alternative will be made available that will solve the issue for the majority of customers without any additional cost. Look for information on this to be distributed around the end of the month.