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SmartStart (8.7) - HP Insight Diagnostics: HDD Power-On Hours

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SmartStart (8.7) - HP Insight Diagnostics: HDD Power-On Hours

I've purchased some used HDD's in the past and recall that when I used the SmartStart CD to update the HDD firmware the HP Insight Diagnostics software would report the number of hours that the drive had already been in-use.. (I believe that this is part of the Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology as described in this Wikipedia page. as is called "Power-On Hours" [ID 0x09]).

Anyhow: I'd like to check this information again but it doesn't appear to be available in the version of HP Insight Diagnostics software that I'm currently using (SmartStart, v 8.7). The most detailed information about the HDD that is available in...

the HP Insight Diagnostics area,

inside the Survey tab,

under the Storage category,

using the Advanced View Level.

There's a field labeled Reference Time but the value that appears there doesn't seem valid (+175,000 on several of my HDD's).

Is there some way to get this information (without installing an operating system and running Crystal Reprts [MS Windows], HDD Expert [MS Windows], or SmartMonTools [Un*x])?


Eric Pretorious