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SmartStart 8.7 mount problems

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SmartStart 8.7 mount problems

we want to use the new SmartStart Release 8.7 with a USB-Key. We created a bootable USB-Key like all other versions of smartstart in the smartstart maintenance menu. The Key is working and booting correctly.
When we choose to install the OS, you have to choose the location of the ISOs, but we cannot choose anything. You cannot write the location by hand and you cannot choose the location by clicking through the folders.
If we connect another USB-Key we can choose the location.

On both Keys are the same ISOs and same folders. The only difference is, that one has smartstart 8.6 and the other 8.7.

Does anyone know this problem?
Thx for your help.
Diego Castelli
Trusted Contributor

Re: SmartStart 8.7 mount problems

Don't know if you can use the same USB key for Smartstart and for ISO.

You should try the FILE-based installation.
Diego C.

MS MCSA Server 2003

HP Accredited Integration Specialist
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Re: SmartStart 8.7 mount problems

Hi Diego,

this could be a reason, if I could not find the ISOs or could not start the Installation. But I cannot browse the hole USB-Key. It is not mounted. When I put in another USB-Key I can browse it.
When I boot from another Key, I can browse on the new Key with 8.7, too and there is no problem.


Re: SmartStart 8.7 mount problems

I had the same issue with SmartStart 8.70 32 bit to setup HP provided Windows Server 2003. I did not try with MS provided software. Is it the same situation for You? Are You trying to setup software provided by HP or by MS?

Thank You and regards

Rodolfo Giovanninetti
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Re: SmartStart 8.7 mount problems

Hi Rodolfo,

we do not use the HP-branded Media and OS.
We want to use the MS provided OS. When we choose the right option, there is no way to choose the ISOs from the same USB-Key.

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Re: SmartStart 8.7 mount problems

Same for me. We have bootable USB keys that are working juste fine with SmartStart 8.6 version and under (including ISO on it) but we can't mount any USB key when using the 8.7 version.