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SmartStart Array errors / 32 vs 64 bit

travis b
Occasional Contributor

SmartStart Array errors / 32 vs 64 bit

I'm new to the HP world so forgive me if these questions are easy, but I could not find any answers online.

I have two DL365 servers with AMD Opteron 64bit processors. I have smartstart 8.15 in both 32 and 64 bit versions. I started configuring the first server with the 32 bit smartstart but I kept getting errors about the drive configuration after configuring the arrays: "There is no bootable drive configured on this system."

I tried destroying and creating the arrays a couple times in the ACU and manually during bootup. I then tried it with the 64 bit disk and did not get any errors.

My first question is because this server has a 64bit processor do I have to use the 64bit disk? I would think that the processor type should not effect how I configure the arrays.

Secondly, when I got to the OS selection screen, my only choices were 64bit OSs. Can I install a 32bit OS on these servers?
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Re: SmartStart Array errors / 32 vs 64 bit


pretty weird that using Smartstart SCD x64 you got no problems and when using SSCD x32 you get that problem

have you tried installing windows 2003 /2008 x32 bits manually I mean not using Smartstart CD?

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!