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SmartStart Boot USB

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SmartStart Boot USB

I have a USB drive with multiple smartstart and firmware dvds running.  To what directory do I copy an ISO file or a flat file directory?  I have been moving the iso around and SmartStart 8.70 x64 will not see an iso file. I am trying to add a 2008 R2 w SP1 iso to the image to deploy OS.

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Re: SmartStart Boot USB

Looking for the same information. Let me know if you figured it out. 

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Re: SmartStart Boot USB

I was looking into this yesterday, I got the USB mounted and seeing the contents of the USB stick. I can't remember what I did, but try something along the lines of the following (requires some understanding of Linux);


When you get to the point of browsing the USB files, press and hold CTRL+ALT then F1, hit RETURN and a prompt should appear.


Type "cd /mount", then "ls" - This should show you how the USB key is mounted. Probably a symbolic link named USB0 or USB1. Make a note where it is pointing to, again probably "/mnt/bootdevice" something or another...


Type "mount" and hit return - this should show you what "/mnt/bootdevice" is mounted to, maybe something like "/dev/sdb1"... whatever it is, make a note of it...


Make a directory in "/mount", e.g "mkdir test" - then type "mount /dev/sdb1 test", depending what /dev/sdb1 was in the last bit.


If you then go back to the smartstart installation by pressing and holding CTRL+ALT, then pressing F2 - then hit RESCAN and "test" should now appear and you can browse it.


This isn't a solution as such, although may work - but is more to help someone figure out what is wrong! I've looked at the permissions of the symlink, but nothing completely obvious - However, I have only spent 5 minutes on this...

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Re: SmartStart Boot USB

Quick workaround is to place the ISO or install files to a second USB key.