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SmartStart Error Code 26

A. Krasnoff
Occasional Visitor

SmartStart Error Code 26

Using "system erase", then using SmartStart 5.5 on Proliant 3000, 1GB Ram, Smart Array 3200 Controller to configure 2 x 9.1 GB HDD as mirrored, the following error appears: "An unrecoverable error occurred while running SmartStart. Error Code 26" I want to install WinNT 4.0
(no errors appear during configuration of array. No errors reported in ADU inspection report.)
James Long_5

Re: SmartStart Error Code 26

The reply below assumes that these drives have no valuable data on them.

Error code 26 could mean that the SmartStart utility is unable to write the master boot record and/or partition table. Here are some basic troubleshooting ideas:

Check cabling and seating of the drives into the backplane.

If possible, try different drives, even just temporarily for troubleshooting.

If these are the only drives you have, try one drive alone in a RAID 0 set up, and see if the error appears on one drive and not the other.

If either drive performs okay by itself when in slot 0, try either drive alone in slot 1.

Try doing a full destructive surface analysis of the drives. Even if nothing shows up as an error, this will wipe the drive contents, which may change your results in creating the MBR/partition table.

At that point I'd be starting to run out of ideas. It might not hurt to verify the md5 checksum of your SmartStart CD. The checksum should be cf899abaf25e19efe72778fd8e499abb.

I hope this helps!

Roy Main
Valued Contributor

Re: SmartStart Error Code 26

Also, try pressing Escape as the SmartStart tries to load. That will eliminate the splash screen and you can see all the option rom initialization, drivers loading, etc.

That will help you troubleshoot what is going on.
A. Krasnoff
Occasional Visitor

Re: SmartStart Error Code 26

Thank you for the prompt response!
Tried each drive alone but System Partition Installation Utility generates WARNING:
An error occurred while trying to access the fixed disk. Run the configuration utility to try and correct the error. If this does not correct the problem, you disk may have a physical error"
How can I wipe the scsi disk clean? Is there a way to do the full surface analysis from a bootable floppy?