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SmartStart contents...

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SmartStart contents...

Do smartstart and firmware dvds contain ALL firmware updates put out prior to the release of the smartstart and firmware dvds?

i.e.: I currently have firmware dvd v8.50 for my DL385G6. I see on the driver site that v9.00 is out (released 4-12-2010). However, there are also some recommended firmware updates on that page for the NIC (released 2-8-2010). Would that firmware already be on the new firmware dvd or are they not on the new firmware DVD and I should download and install the firmware updates separately?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Sorry if this question seems so trivial, but I'm new to this...2 weeks exactly. Thanks all.
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Re: SmartStart contents...

This will depend on the finish date for the media, of course.

What I do is to copy the DVD to an USB thumb drive and add newer firmware files, so I have a "always up to date" media.

Hope this helps!

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Michal Kapalka (mikap)
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Re: SmartStart contents...


2 weeks ago we bought a Storage server X1600, from HP, and yesterday we used the firmware DVD 9.0, only the raid controller was updated most of the components was up-2-date, some times its better to install the latest firmware, but this is depend on the enviroment and policies.

To deploy lot of servers its possible to use HP SIM.