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SmartStart failure on Proliant 800

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SmartStart failure on Proliant 800

I own an Proliant 800 since 1998. The original 9GB SCSI HD drive is failing. Today I installed a 120 GB IDE drive and tried to set it up using SmartStart v 4.90, which I have for a my DL380. I tried it with the SCSI and the IDE and I tried it with JUST the IDE installed. Neither SmartDrive will install, nor Red Hat 7.3. If I try RH 7.3 without SmartStart, the machine freezes after selecting a text install and after anaconda reports that it can not probe for a monitor. If I try SmartStart, it barely loads after the SmartStar screen graphic.

What do you suggest I try. 212-692-0704 or
Ron Amos
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Re: SmartStart failure on Proliant 800

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