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SmartStart goes blank screen

Cesar Vieira

SmartStart goes blank screen


I have a customer that has one odd problem with 2 out of 3 Proliant DL380 G3 servers.

When you boot the server with the SmartStart CD (v6.40 and v7.00 tested), a big part of the screen goes blank, so we couldn't install the server with SmartStart.

I installed the server with the MS Win2003 CD's, applied the HP drivers and it's working fine, but the customer wants to know why SmartStart doesn't work.

I already upgraded all the components to the latest drivers/firmware, I did some (dumb) tests that HP asked me, but the problem maintains.

The server has 3Gb RAM, Smart 5i Plus, 2 x 3.06Ghz processors, but I also tried with 1 processor and 1 Gb RAM.

The system board has already been replaced by a new one also.

I suspect that may be a set of this servers that has this problem, but it is also strange why with a new system board the problem still exists.

If anyone has an idea it will gladly appreciated, since in this case I don't trust the HP support.

Thanks in advance
Honored Contributor

Re: SmartStart goes blank screen

Hi there,

Could you confirm that the OS settings in the RBSU (press "F9" at boot up) has Windows as the OS selection. This, however should really have no impact at that early stage of smart start load up.

Also, have you tried using an older Smart Start, perhaps V6. I know it probably won't have an option for Windows 2003 but it should still assist in isolation of the problem.

Good luck.
Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: SmartStart goes blank screen


no such issues i come across.
Where as what i want to know is where did we get that black patch.
Is the both 3 servers working with same configuration, No changes as such.

One silly question monitor is also same because what information i have smart cd works on linux enviorment so i was just checking but i think that doesnot going to make any differnce.

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
Honored Contributor

Re: SmartStart goes blank screen

The only instance that I have seen that is similar is with a non Compaq monitor.

There’s your problem!!! This thing is set to EVIL!
Cesar Vieira

Re: SmartStart goes blank screen

Yes, RBSU is set to Windows.

The monitor is the same for the three servers, they're using a KVM switch.

One of them is working fine the other two don't.

On the first screen of SmartStart it appears the SmartStart words and the version of SmartStart and nothing else on screen, but the options are available (if we press the Tab key to the I Agree button, which we don't see, the installation goes on, but mostly of the screen is blank - white, not black).

I switched the Linux 'session' and did a LS command and the linux files are displayed in full screen. It appears to be some problem with the Linux VGA driver, but VGA chipset is the same for the three servers...

I tried several SmartStart 6 versions.

I'll go to te customer today and I'll try a v5.x SmartStart and to disable the onboard VGA and test it with a PCI VGA.

(I also tried with a diferent CD-Rom drive)
Cesar Vieira

Re: SmartStart goes blank screen

Here are the results from another tests the customer did today:

Connecting the TFT5000 to the server, it has problems.

Connecting the TFT5000 through the KVM, still has problems.

Connecting a regular CRT monitor through the KVM, still with problems.

Connecting a regular CRT monitor directly to the server and the image is normal, no problems.
And if at this point he switches to the TFT he still has a good image...

Any ideas?
Victor Pendlebury
Valued Contributor

Re: SmartStart goes blank screen


Is there any additional Non HP hardware in the server ? I remember that SS did not like 3rd party hardware during installation.

I experienced similar issues but this was causes by the KVM

Keep us posted
Cesar Vieira

Re: SmartStart goes blank screen


After some more test the customer found out the problem is in the TFT5000.

Whenever he boots the server with the TFT connected, directly or through the KVM he has problems, but if he connects a regular CRT he has no problems.

Anyway thanks to all of you that tried to help me.