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SmartStart halts with SyntaxError

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SmartStart halts with SyntaxError

ref:   DL 380 G7

I'm trying to bring a new DL 380 G7 on line but I'm unable to install SmartStart.  I've tried  SmartStart Versions  8.7, 8.6, 8.5 and 8.1.     The BIOS is  version  2011.05.05A.  iLO3  is at version 1.28.   This server was purchased and is being installed in another country ( outside of the U.S. ) .


Each on gets to the splash and then returns this error:

     The page at hpmedia://smartstart says:

     SyntaxError: missing } after property list



Anybody ever seen this before?   





Re: SmartStart halts with SyntaxError



We had a similar issue on few of our servers, on some servers we got it resolved by clearing NVRAM from system board.


Refer to this link to configure system board.


Refer to item#10, S6, in the above link and clear the NVRAM.

If this does not resolve then there could be issue with system board itself.


Thank You!
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Re: SmartStart halts with SyntaxError

Unfortunately this server is located on the other side of the planet from where I sit so touching the hardware presents a challenge. 


However,  your suggestion did put me on the right track.   I went into the BIOS and selected the reset system option.   After a system reset I was able to boot to a SmartStart image and configure the array.


Thanks !