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SmartStart re-install (preserving RAID data)


SmartStart re-install (preserving RAID data)

I have a Server which has an OS configured on RAID 1 (Parallel SCSI Array A) and Data on RAID5  (Parallel SCSI Array B) on a 6400 controller that I need to rebuild with a different OS.


If I use SmartStart is there an option to ignore the RAID5 and install OS on the RAID1 so to preserve our Data?



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Re: SmartStart re-install (preserving RAID data)



At least old Smart Starts had this option. There you could choose between format all partitions and format only boot partition.

Re: SmartStart re-install (preserving RAID data)

Partitions or logical drives?


My C:, D: are assigned to Array A


E: is assigned Array B and RAID 5


So both are separate entities and I'm not fussed about wiping C and D


I might just replace the 36GB x 2 with 72GBx2 and install onto these