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SmartStart support for Win2003 on DL380 G1

Fred Weston
Occasional Visitor

SmartStart support for Win2003 on DL380 G1

I was wondering if SmartStart supports installing Windows Server 2003 on a DL380 G1 server. The latest release of SmartStart that supports the DL380 G1 seems to be 5.5 (

Unfortunately v5.5 doesn't seem to support Windows 2003. Is there a newer version I could use or some other way to work around this limitation?

Thank you!
Igor Karasik
Honored Contributor

Re: SmartStart support for Win2003 on DL380 G1

SmartStart 5.5 is latest release of SmartStart that supports the DL380 G1 (and all other G1 servers).
You can use SmartStart 5.5 for windows 2003 instalation - just select "windows 2000" during SmartStart installation and put windows 2003 CD when you asked for windows 2000 CD.

See Rochelle Adsitt post here:

" to get Windows 2003 Server installed on a DL380R01 server (with a little help from an HP Tech):
- Make sure the System and Array ROMs are upgraded to the latest versions.
- Use SmartStart to erase the system (I used a 6.4 CD but 5.5 would probably work also).
- On reboot, use the Array ROM configuration utility (press F8 when prompted) to configure the Array.
- Run through SmartStart 5.5, selecting Manual installation.
- When prompted, select Microsoft Windows 2000 Server (NOT "Other").
- Let SmartStart build the system partition and copy the necessary files.
- When prompted, remove the SS5.5 CD to begin the reboot process, and let SS finish cleaning up files, etc. (watch the screen for the messages about SS cleaning up files).
- When the screen goes blank to begin the reboot process, power down the server.
- Turn the power back on and immediately insert the Windows 2003 Server CD to boot off of it.
- After setup finishes loading all the drivers and code, etc., watch the CD-ROM and hard drive light activity while patiently waiting for the Windows Setup to progress to the next step. This process can take a while and there can be pauses between activity on the drives.
- Update drivers as necessary with the latest PSP for Windows 2003 after the Windows setup is complete."
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Re: SmartStart support for Win2003 on DL380 G1

Thanks a lot for the information about using 5.5 and then selecting Windows 2000. It worked for me and has saved me a lot of trouble.
Richard Lukoszek
Occasional Visitor

Re: SmartStart support for Win2003 on DL380 G1

Hi Igor,
I have followed that progress of threads 391506 and 1004386 with interest because I seem to have a problem that is very similar.

I have a DL380 G1 (Grey box) two processes, 1.5gb ram and a mirror pair of 36gb hdd. CD is a standard Compaq slim line CD.

I have Smart start 5.5 and Firmware maint CD 7.5. I plan to build the server as a Win2003 server. However....

I have previosly done this on a Proliant 2500 with no problems and throught it would be simple to follow my notes and it would work just fine...not so

reading the threats it appears the common starting point is to Erase teh system with teh erase utility from 5.5 or later which I have done many times now, infact it also worked with teh erase utility I prepared for my 2500.

Form their I did the following

1. Inserted Smt Strt 5.5 and rebooted.
2. Entered Smt Strt 5.5 and set time date etc
3. Selected Manual install (bottom most option)
....I also tried "assited install" for sheer interest after many failed attempts.
4. I selected Windows 2000 server. (Also tried other, Windows advanced server after many failures.
The system then did its thing and sent me to the Array configuration screen.
5. I accepted the defaults and it seemed to create teh array and allowed me to save the configuaration fine. After exiting here is where my tail of woow begins.
6. The system reboots and goes through memory count, it check the array and I see the drives spin up and all looks fine, I am then given the option to ESC to skip the ROM drive array configuration or F10 to enter the ROM drive configuration utility.
I've tried both.
7. The next screen goes blank and I am left with teh curser flashing in the top left corner. and no mater what CD I have in the drive, the DL380 simply refuses to go past that screen. I have left it sit for many hrs but no progres.

What I have tried.

1. F10 to enter Rom drive array configuration utility and F3 delete teh array. After reboot this give me "No system drive found" Press any key. The only thing I seem to be able to do is a system errase and go through teh whole process again.

2. Updateing Firmware. I have booted off teh firmware upgrade disk many time and tried upgrading firmware to c004079. It appears to be listed when the software loads the upgrade option adn although I downloaded teh version, didn't need it.

I could only get the firmware utility to load if I had first errased the system. If not then it would hang at teh point when the ..........dots...... walking across the screen ended. Left it for 1hr with no progress.

Did system errase then at least I was able to get the Firmware 7.5 utility to run. I accepted teh agreement then it started teh first and second of its three step processes. It seems to get to the second step and thats where it stops. When I say stops, it doesnt' lock up, I can move the mouse and can select cancel and continue etc but it just never seems to finish what it is doing during this third option.

I have run out of options and don't seem to get any more ideas when reading these treads. I just dont seem to get the same things happening as the treads suggest. I nefer see a message that says up files.... and have never been able to boot off any windows disk. even tried XP to see what would happen.... Sorry about teh long message... If there are any suggestions please let me know. Cheers Dick

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Re: SmartStart support for Win2003 on DL380 G1


It's a long shot but certain TEAC based slimline CD's used to exhibit this type of behaviour on DL380 G1's. Please check the following link.

I hope this helps.

Richard Lukoszek
Occasional Visitor

Re: SmartStart support for Win2003 on DL380 G1

Thanks Brian,

I found that my CD was in fact a TEAC model CD-224e and ranning the CD firmware upgrade also confirmed that. I created a DOS 5.5 boot disk then ran the FLASHE3 PC90e.BIB /PM command from a floppy. It certaily upgraded teh version on mt CD and after that I confirmed that it was a new version. It was.

I then ran the arase from my SS 5,5 CD, rebooted and inserted the Firmware 7.5 upgreade CD. It loaded and ran perfectly and the DL380 firmware was upgraded with in 10 minutes.

I will now go back to see if the SS5.5 rebuild process works and will report back tomorrow. Once again thanks for taking the time to help. Cheers Richard
Richard Lukoszek
Occasional Visitor

Re: SmartStart support for Win2003 on DL380 G1

Well I have some good news and I have to admit this is the mother of way out there fixes I have ever done.

From my last posting I sucsessfully upgraded the TEAC firware as Brian suggested and this enabled me to then upgrade the DL380 firmware without any lockups or CD problems. I was then sucsesfully able to follow the SS5.5 installation as per the two linked postings to the point where I was able to boot off my Server 2003 CD As a test I was then able to completely install Win 2003 server.....

However.... The problem I has was I had Disaster recovery backups cut to Dual Layered DVD's with my backup software. So as a long shot I installed a normal IDE cable interface DVD and plugged it into the vacant IDE interface on the motherboard. I then Unplugged the TEAC CD and rebooted teh server. I checked teh BIOS setting and low and behold the setting for the CD had changed to DVD. I rebooted again and the DR DVD was recognised and booted and started teh recover procedure. I reformated the previousely created NTFS particion and 3hrs later had a server back that was originally a Proliant 2500 raid 5 but now on a DL380 mirrored pair.

I want to thank every one who posted their results on this problem which I was able to read, it seems very common and the personal help I got with the CD issue. Hope my feedback helps someone else. Cheer