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Smartarray E200i firmware 1.72

Joshua Small_2
Valued Contributor

Smartarray E200i firmware 1.72

I swore I wouldn't apply this yet in an earlier thread, and really wish I had listened to my advice.
Following its application, I rebooted the server and received:
1783: Slot 3 Array Controller failure

And naturally, the server won't boot. I built myself an offline maintenance CD and reapplied. That seemed to do the job.

Now on bootup I get the error that a hard drive requires a firmware update frim HPD5 to HPDA. I applied this update too.

Despite the successful "apply" the hard drive still reports itself as HPD5, and makes the array controller complain on bootup. Any assistance appreciated.

Re: Smartarray E200i firmware 1.72

Thank you Joshua for reply.
2 All
OK, bad expirience N1. Waiting for another replyes. I'm very waiting for solution of my problems on E200 and what I see: maybe no one have problems with E200, or maybe very few peoples have E200, or maybe HP don't sell servers at all or very little bit ! ML350G5 on many configurations must have E200 and E200 is top solution for ML150 G3. Or maybe no one reads this forums, including HP specialists. Some man tells in some thread: "Now we have a solution ! (with E200)". From what face he speak about. From individual enthusiast or from HP representative ?
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Re: Smartarray E200i firmware 1.72

"maybe no one have problems with E200"
No everyone
"maybe very few peoples have E200"
No Everyone.
HP don't sell servers at all or very little bit !"
HP is digging themselves a big hole with this and the 100series. Most of the posts here are either one or the other
"maybe no one reads this forums, including HP specialists"
HP use to have a support monitor, but that has gone away it seems, because you never see HP Support help given here. We are on our own.
Hot Swap Hard Drives
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Re: Smartarray E200i firmware 1.72

Yes. This is very bad that is no consultant from HP. In the last year we are buy server from HP, and there are some stupid question - and these is no any support which we can ask for answers. In our town there is somo univerites, and now I don't recommende to buy HP server, because there is no any interactive support.
Trusted Contributor

Re: Smartarray E200i firmware 1.72

Heyheyheyhey... It's not right to speak in this way about the support. I can assure you that the first line support is always friendly, qualified and cares about customers problems. And if you think a little more, you'll get the idea that NOT THE SUPPORT develops the drivers and the hardware... In fact, the support does much more for all the customers than somebody can imagine... And not only the phone support, you have also the ITRC forums, where a lot of the so called "lazy, not understanding and maybe a little stupid" supporters spend a lot of hours researching different problems and sharing their "poor" knowledge.

Respect, dude, RESPECT!

Re: Smartarray E200i firmware 1.72

2 Mi6t0.
As you see, this thread about E200, it problems and new firmware. If you represent HP and decided to protect the all army of supporters hardly working directly in this thread - then you are wrong. I don't care who develops, but I will **ck who resells on own mark, called "HP". I can't go to yours HP ChiefEx with my questions, but support must have answers. Lane 1 with plenty faced girls or lane 2 with hard-faced mens... I don't impressed if your support can help me to insert diskette into floppy. How about E200 - take some time, servers, hard drives, firmwares, disks etc and write there, how it works. Then you get your RESPECT...
Trusted Contributor

Re: Smartarray E200i firmware 1.72

Yes, dude, exactly this is the thing, that you cannot understand - not the HP Support is the guilty one in this situation!

"I don't care who develops" - what do you care about? About someone who can sit and listen to your yelling?

won't continue this silly discussion with someone, who's idea of life is to find a victim to blame.

HP has a customer feedback team - call them, yell to them. If you want support, you have to be prepared to be patient and cooperative. Yes, there are a lot of buggy drivers and firmwares. But don't forget that this is e200 - an ENTRY level controller...

Really, I am quite disappointed seeing all this here. Cuz in this forum the people who read, write and help are not these who you are looking for.

Re: Smartarray E200i firmware 1.72

2 Mi6t0.
Tell me, who you are, that you pray on HP ?
May be you my conscience ?
If you so clever, you can stop writing in this thread. Don't read my yelling. Unfortunely, you don't help for me and others in this thread - that is you, who don't to be there. For me is only one and a good way on forum to attract attention to someone. Even you...

"Be patient, cooperative and so on..." How many time I should be patient ? 10 years ? I haven't much time for this, struggling with storage controller that have to work in predictable way. Yes, I don't undrestand your argues. Don't care who is guilty, but I'm know who is victim in all such cases - these is me and other unhappy peoples who bye (pay money and reputation) this brand believing in it's quality.

If I would speak about HP problems - all the readers will think, to bye HP or not ! And HP bosses maybe kick someone to solve my problems. That is how it works.

And I'm suggest to you - don't use phrase "ENTRY level" controller anymore. For ML150G3 e.g. E200 is top solution. This term not from technics - this is marketing **it and sounds not professionaly. I'm already hear "ENTRY" from all people near HP. If the problem exist - they tell "ENTRY". What is not entry for you ? Space ship ?
And don't think that last words will be with you anytime. Your words are not convincing to me :-P...
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Re: Smartarray E200i firmware 1.72

OK :) Yes, you're arguments are just terrific. You are the king. I hope you'll get a solution soon. Wish you a happy life :)

Re: Smartarray E200i firmware 1.72

Whow, I'm in luck. I'm risk at my own and download and tries to install 1.72 firmware on my production ML350G5 with E200i, W2003 Standard SP2 with all patches. After three (3) or more unsucsessfull attempts (there is some errors during install process - simply I'm repeate executing file) I'm finally get the green circle. And now I'm have desirable performance on my SATA drives. My config is: Two RAID 1 SAS 146Gb drives in slot's 1/2 and 3 SAS 146Gb as hot spare and 250Gb SATA in slots 5,6 acting as individual drives (RAID 0 as HP thinks). And now I'm get performance about 40 Mb/s between SATA. It's ok for me. Thank you for all.
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Re: Smartarray E200i firmware 1.72


well guys if you wanna talk about HP, long long thread

here it is

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: Smartarray E200i firmware 1.72

Hi Joshua Small,

Have you been able to update the firmware yet.

If the Drive is one of the Models listed below,

DG072ABAB3, DG072BB975, DG146ABAB4, and DG146BB976

You can give the Online Firmware update listed below a try:

I was able to update the firmware using this.

Honored Contributor

Re: Smartarray E200i firmware 1.72

Hi Joshua,

you can try to clear NVRAM and then if needed re-updating the FW with the FW maintenance CD 7.91...that's what I thinki of right now

@ Pusspower : Seems like HP heard your PLEASE! here:


Joshua Small_2
Valued Contributor

Re: Smartarray E200i firmware 1.72


To be honest I'm not totally sure what point most of these posts are trying to make. I can tell you however:

- Frontline support are every bit as much to blame as the developers. I called on three separate occasions to attempt to open a case about this issue and the best I ever received was "update your drivers and firmware". When I tried discussing the fact that it WAS the latest firmware which caused this issue, the best response I could hope for was a recommendation to update my firmware and drivers. To date I don't accept anyone at all in frontline support has ever listened to a thing I've had to say. Usually when I ask what driver they would like me to apply, they tell me to "check the HP website". You can't possibly ask me to accept that the HP website definitely has a better driver than the one I'm running if you don't even know what version the website has, or which one I'm running for that matter. It's also quite nonsensical that an error on POST (before OS load) would be related to a driver, and I would expect any level of support to have the intelligence not to argue otherwise.

- I've opened several cases with the customer experience team over the last few months. They are full of apologies and do manage to convince me to give HP another try. But they don't have the power to fix the incompetence of support.

- I attempted the online HDD update multiple times, and it never worked. It said it worked, but on reboot, the drive would be running the old edition. I did however burn a customer Firmware Maintenance CD with the latest offline update on it. This appears to have done the trick.

I have expressed to support that, whilst this server is now operational, it's not acceptable to me that an update brought the server offline, and asked if they have any knowledge about a further update or fix.

The response I received was that I should attempt to apply the latest firmware- clearly it's a waste of time asking these questions.
Carl Lindgren
Occasional Visitor

Re: Smartarray E200i firmware 1.72

We get the same BS every time we talk to hp support: "upgrade your firmware". That seems to be hp's resolution for every failure. They even use that when there is an obvious hardware failure, as in the last 3 times when we had a SAS drive fail.

Now we are getting SAS-related problems again and hp's stock answer remains the same: "upgrade the firmware". It is really frustrating.

When asked to justify the solution, they send links to hp advisories that have nothing in common with our installed hardware or OS. Here are their advisories and my response:

Advisory 1:

When installing HP ProLiant Support Pack (PSP) Version 7.40 (or later) on an HP ProLiant server (listed in the Platforms Affected section below) running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (64 Bit), or when installing Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (64 Bit) on a ProLiant server (listed in the Platforms Affected section below) using a SmartStart Release 7.40 (or later) Assisted Installation, the server may halt with a Stop 0x000000F4 error message in the following configuration:

* The server is configured with 7 GB (or more) of system memory.
* The server is configured with an HP Smart Array 6402 Controller and the optional Ultra320 Expansion Module for SA-6402 (Option Kit 273911-B21), which upgrades the Smart Array 6402 Controller to a Smart Array 6404 Controller.
* The server is running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (64 Bit) and installing PSP Version 7.40 (or later) or installing Windows using a SmartStart Release 7.40 (or later) Assisted Installation.

We have not installed any Support Packs for two years. We are not running the 64 bit version of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, just the 32 bit Standard edition. I donâ t know if SmartStart was used to install anything on our servers but that was 2 years ago and I doubt there could be that long of a delay.

* The Servers have 1GB of memory.

* The Servers have an hp E200i controller, not the 6402 controller and do not have the optional Ultra320 Expansion Module.

* As stated above, the Servers are running Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition, not Enterprise Edition and I donâ t have a clue what PSP is.

Advisory 2:

Consider the following scenario:

* You are using one of the following computer configurations:
** The original release version of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with hotfix 842642 applied
** Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) . The following registry subkey is enabled:

Additionally, the value of the SupportLinkedFontConTextOut entry is 1.

* You are running the Japanese version of Windows Server 2003. Windows Server 2003 is configured to use Japanese for non-Unicode programs.

* At the command prompt, you run a command that contains kanji characters. You then change the Command Prompt window to full-screen mode.

I checked the list of installed updates on a random server and we have not installed hotfix 842642.

There is no subkey in the registry for SupportLinkedFontConTextOut.

Solly, no Japanese here.

What are kanji characters? Sounds like anime to me ;>). Not here.