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Smartarray - LOGICAL to server

Joshua Small_2
Valued Contributor

Smartarray - LOGICAL to server



Quick smartarray question.

My ACU tells me that I have three logical disks, A, B and C. All are exactly the same size. Each is separate RAID1 mirror.


My windows disk manager likewise sees three identical disks.


I'm assuming that what Windows calls "Disk 0" refers to "LOGICAL DISK A", 1 being B and 2 being C. But that's an assumption.


I'm hoping to decomission my E: and remove both the physical disks that make up my "C" array from a running system, and I really would like to know that I haven't pulled the wrong disks.


I notice Windows has a unique "Target" ID for each disk but I cannot find that target in the ACU.


Is there anyway to confirm this?