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Smartstart 4.8 gives error

M. Schraven
Occasional Visitor

Smartstart 4.8 gives error

Hi there,

When i boot my Proliant 1600 with smartstart 4.8 it gives me the following error:

SPAWN ERROR: argument list too long for

Unrecoverable error while starting smartstart
Error code: 13

Looked all over the website but couldn't find anything.

Any ideas ?

PS: rebooting cold and warm didn't help. Other versions 4.23 and 4.5 gave the same error.
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: Smartstart 4.8 gives error

Please try the following.

-Clear NVRAM, preferrably using an Eraser diskette.(DATA DESTRUCTIVE)!!!
- Remove any 3rd party PCI cards and drop the server down to a base memory configuration.
- Rotate the memory left in the system.
- Try another Smartstart CD, if possible.
Please keep me posted.

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