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Smartstart 5.2 locking up

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Smartstart 5.2 locking up


I've been trying to run an assisted install of NT on a G2 ML370 using smartstart 5.2. Everything looks fine, configure array (5300), create fisrt partitions, etc. NT goes on OK but as soon as I reach the part where the Compaq programs install the thing just sits and that's your lot. There's no way to de-select the compaq programs before installation and to be honest I don't want to as we use insight, etc. We've discovered through much trial and error that if you have the server plugged into the LAN it all works OK. But I'm building stuff for a DR test so I don't have a LAN to go into and I don't really want to start doing manual builds again - not that these are much use on thes e servers - NT refuses to see the logical disks even though we install the 53xx drivers during the manual build. Anybody seen anything similar - got any ideas. Sorry abouth the lenght of this but Compaq support has been a bit dire on this one.

Cheers, Neil.
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: Smartstart 5.2 locking up

Hi neil
if you are doing a smartstart assisted install then it will hang if there is no network as it tries to set the networking up..the way around this IS to do a manual install..what you need to get past the array controller is this and run will extract some of them being this file and it will prompt you to create 4 only really need disk 2.
then during the initial first couple of screens during a standard NT install specifically right after the blue screen with the dots that go across the top hit not let the system detect mass storage devices..instead choose specify..then will then prompt you for the manufacturers diskette. put in disk two and it will load off of there..then after this it will continue with standard nt install..once the OS is up and running you can then apply the SSD's which on the cd can be found in the follwing path. cpqsupsw\ntcsp\setup.exe this will install all the compaq drivers as would a full assisted install...hope this helps
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