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Smartstart 6.20 and non-US Locales

Charalambos Papadopoulo
Occasional Contributor

Smartstart 6.20 and non-US Locales

If you are outside the US and use Smartstart 6.20 to build your W2K server, you may have problems with the server's input locales. By default, Smartstart builds the server with US settings, which are held in \\HKEY_USERS\.Default\Control Panel\International and \\HKEY_Users\.Default\Keyboard Layout\Preload. Even if you go into the Control Panel and change the Regional Settings and Input Locales, the above registry entries will remain US-specific. The effect of the Keyboard Layout\preload settings is that when the server boots up, until you login, the keyboard layout is US. So if you have special characters in your password you will have to work out where they'd be on a US keyboard in order to log in. Otherwise, forget it.
The \International key holds information relating to date formats, currency units, time formats etc. IIS5 uses all of these in order to determine how to format regional-specific data. So if you build a web server running a web app that includes date or other regional-specfic data entry fields, you must change the values in the registry to reflect your input locale or IIS will convert them to US format, especially if the date is ambiguous (eg 02/06/2003 could be 06/02/2003.

This caused us a lot of SQL Server troubleshooting for no good reason. Hope it helps you. I hate Smartstart. I'm guessing that if you create a new user after builsding the server and log in with that rather than with the Admin user created during the server build, the problem won't occur.

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