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Smartstart 6.3 not working with Proliant Server 5500

Chris Minerds
Occasional Visitor

Smartstart 6.3 not working with Proliant Server 5500

The school i work at purchased a Proliant 5500 server secondhand last year before I arrived, and then later purchased the latest HP smartstart to get it up and running. When the CD boots is says "Smartstart 6.30 does not support this system. Please reboot with smartstart 5.5 or earlier." Can anyone assist me with what i must update/upgrade to allow Smartstart to work. I realise that the obvious solution is to downgrade to 5.5 but this solution is not viable. Thanks in advance.
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Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Smartstart 6.3 not working with Proliant Server 5500

Hello Chris,
If you intend to install the server via Smart Start then the only choice you have is to order Smart Start 5.50B which can be ordered by calling 1-800-573-1099 and make sure you ask for Smart Start 5.50B specifically. If you want to do the manual installation then you can download the System configuration utility SP19619 from the following site:

You require four formatted floppies for this. Once the disks are created then just COLD boot your system with the first floppy and follow the onscreen prompts.
The following link has all the software related to your PL5500 which you might need:
Please beware that in the absence of Smart Start CD you might not have all the features available which you would if you install your server with Smart Start 5.50B CD.