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Smartstart HP partition

Occasional Contributor

Smartstart HP partition

Hello everybody,

I would like to know if, with Smartstart 8 and more, a special partition is created in order to receive HP tools or others stuffs like that.

I remembered, ten years ago, one partition was created but now, it isn't more longer sure.

I've installed on a server Windows 2003 with the help of Smartstart CD-Rom and, using Diskpart command or Symantec Ghost executed on a WinPE launched on this server, I cannot detect a special partition of HP. I just can check my Windows C:\ volume.

Could you confirm me that there's no longer existance of this kind of partition.

More specially, could you confirm me that SmartStart don't create partition excepted Windows partitions.

If you get some documentation or official reference on it, I will appreciate.

Thanks !

Best regards,

Occasional Contributor

Re: Smartstart HP partition

No idea ?
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Smartstart HP partition

ProLiant servers no longer are based on EISA which required a heavy-weight utility to configure. To make it easier than having to swap 2 or 3 floppies in to load the utility, a system partition was usually created to store it.

Today there is a ROM-Based Setup Utility to provide for configuration. You missed all the fanfare about the system partition going away--which was almost 10 years ago now.