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Thierry Pugliese
Occasional Advisor


I do not have the smartstart CDs, is it possible to find everything I need to configure the Proliant 5500 with Smart array 3200 controler without by the smartstart kit ?
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Smartstart

Hello Thierry,
You can configure the basic hardware without the smart start CD by downloading the system configuration from the following link:

To set up the array you need smart start CD and in your case the latest you can go for is Smart Start 5.50 which can be ordered by calling 1-800-573-1099.

Thilo Knoch
Frequent Advisor

Re: Smartstart

Quite indirect, but if you connect a scsi disk (an additional) to the onboard-scsi (non-array) controller you can do a q&d installation of a supported OS on this disk first, configure the smart array controller using this installation, and then (after reconfiguring) install the final OS to a the disk connected to the array controller.
you can find the following tools:
- Compaq System Erase Utility
- Systems ROMPaq Firmware Upgrade Diskette for ProLiant ... and 5500 (P12) Servers
- Systems ROMPaq Firmware Upgrade Diskette for ProLiant ... 5500(E39) (depending on the processor PPro or Xeon), a probably newer bios
- Options ROMPaq For Array Controllers
a probably newer firmware
- Compaq System Configuration Utility
The configuration frontend to the BIOS

A way that should work:
1. connect the disk to the scsi controller
2. (optional) run the erase utility from diskette
3. configure the server using the system configuration utility - the scsi controller is the boot controller
4. install the OS (interim)
5. install the support pack
6. configure the array controller
7. disconnect the scsi disk
8. reconfigure the boot controller order using the system configuration utility from diskette to the array controller
9. install the non-interim OS.

Obviously, without a Smartstart CD it is a lot more work, not to forget in case of a bare metal recovery too.
Wesley W.D. Summers
Frequent Advisor

Re: Smartstart

Thilo Knoch has provided a very detailed answer, but there is at least one catch.

To upgrade the System BIOS ROM, you must have created a System Partition for the utility to work.

Based on my own problem (See my own message), the System Partition must be created on a drive connected to the IN-BUILT controller.

I can't create one on an array connected to the Smart Array 3200 controller - yet! When I figure out why, I will post the answer here (All help greatfully received).

Regards, Wesley.
Sven Geschke
Frequent Advisor

Re: Smartstart


Try this site (and don't forget the points) ;-))

***ceterum censeo redmondinium esse delendam***
Wesley W.D. Summers
Frequent Advisor

Re: Smartstart

I resolved my problem, but YOU mightn't like the answer.

I had a SmartStart CD, but it wouldn't work (Error Code: 13 Spawn Error).

To resolve my problem, I had to download the Compaq System Erase Utility from:

This download creates a BOOTABLE diskette, and resolved my (Error Code: 13 Spawn Error) problem. Then I was able to use the SmartStart CD again.

I can tell you that I spent over 30 hours of MY time on this silly problem, so IMHO the cost of a SmartStart CD is trivial compared to what it cost me in my time trying to use Floppy Disks.

The SmartStart CD not only makes the job EASIER, but it ISN'T possible with just diskettes (I know - I tried).

My problem was resolved by Sunil Jerath, who is halfway around the globe from where my mnachine was when he figured out how to fix the issue. I'm sold on the Support HP provide to us!!!

Regards, Wesley.
(Happy ProLiant User)