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Software Update Manager 8 404


Software Update Manager 8 404

I tried SUM 7.6 to update my 35 servers and it seemed to be working OK.  What I did not like was that I had to turn off 8 updates for each of the servers in the node group rather than having it respect the choice for all 35.  

So I tried SUM 8.0 to see if it handled this better.  SUM 8 defaults to HTTPS:// and doesn't open right in IE11 (404). I tried switching to http and port 63001 instead but there was still nothing there.  

I ran servermigrate.bat to update my database and it still didn't work.  It did wipe out the nodes and groups when I went back to 7.6.  It's a shame that 7.6 doesn't have an import option for nodes.  

Am I the only one that is having issues with SUM 8?   This is being run on Server 2016.  


Re: Software Update Manager 8 404

At least Add Node in 7.6 allows for a comma separated list of node names.  That helped get my node group back in order more quickly.  Now if I can get it to respect the package selection and apply it to all.