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Solaris 10 x86 in DL360 G4

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Solaris 10 x86 in DL360 G4

Does the DL360 G4 support Solaris 10 for x86?

When I try to install, it says that does not find any hard disks.

Michal Kapalka (mikap)
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Re: Solaris 10 x86 in DL360 G4

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Re: Solaris 10 x86 in DL360 G4

Excuse me to be so newbie with Solaris and with DL 360 Servers.

Is this sofotware executed by itself and it leaves the driver inside the hardware which makes it "visible" for Solaris installation process?

What is the way to "load" or "install" this driver (documentation is not really clear about it)
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Re: Solaris 10 x86 in DL360 G4

I guess I have gotten how to proceed with the driver update. Last questions (and VERY important):

This is a server for testing purposes and it will be reinstalled constantly with different operating systems.

If I install this driver for Solaris,

1) Am I still able to install another OS (Linux, Windows, Etc.)?

2) Should I install another driver explicitly with each OS that I want to install?

3) Is this Solaris Driver installed physically in the hardware or is only installed in the hard disk for use only with the current Solaris instalation (if I reinstall again same Solaris 10, do I need to provide again the same driver?)

rick jones
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Re: Solaris 10 x86 in DL360 G4

The driver from the DUD (Driver Update Disc) is placed into the Solaris kernel/on the Solaris boot disc. It does not get placed into the controller hardware.

If you install another OS over top of Solaris, you will have to provide the DUD again when you next install Solaris.

Whether or not other OSes require a DUD depends on the drivers which are present in their installation media. I suspect that just about any contemporary Linux install media will have a driver for the disc controller in a DL360 G4.

Heck, there is even a chance that a later Solaris 10 Update version might have the driver already present.
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Laurent WELS
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Re: Solaris 10 x86 in DL360 G4


Since I've updated Solaris 10 to March recommended cluster patch (kernel 142901-05) on 2 DL360 G4, the ILO remote console is not working properly.
After the 3 copyright lines of Solaris:
"SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_142901-05 64-bit
Copyright 1983-2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
Use is subject to license terms."
nothing more is displayed, keyboard is not responding too.
The server boot properly because I can later ssh to it.
It is just like the ILO console is frozen.
I've been able to reproduce this behaviour on another G4. So this is not a faulty hardware. G5 or G6 are fine. I've tryied the June cluster patch, it did not fix the problem. I've also installed the latest BIOS and ILO firmare.

Many Thanks for your help.