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Solaris on DL320 G2

Roberto Armenti
Occasional Visitor

Solaris on DL320 G2

Hi out there,

did some of you manage to get Solaris x86 installed on the DL320 G2? In the OS support matrix from HP, only the "old" DL320 is supported for Solaris x86 Version 8.

The new DL320 G2 has an IDE RAID 100 ATA Controller, and while Solaris is booting the machine, it can not see the drives attaches to the IDE-RAID-Controller.

The Driver Update does not contain any suitable drivers. Are there some vendor-supplied drivers out there?

Any help appreciated,

Thanks in advance,

Roberto Armenti
Occasional Visitor

Re: Solaris on DL320 G2

just for info:

if you open jumper J400 on the system board, the IDE RAID adapter will act as normal IDE adapter - without RAID functionality.

This will enable Solaris to see the disks.
It keeps delivering errors:

Error for command 'read sector' Error Level: Informational
Sense key: aborted command
Vendor 'Gen-ATA ' error code 0x3

but it seems to work.

Anyway, any hints to let the RAIS work would be appreciated.