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Some simple CPU questions?

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Some simple CPU questions?

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My 140 G3 currently has one E5130 @ 2.00GHz. I want to upgrade it;


questions are:

1. If I add second cpu, must it be same cpu - E5130 @ 2.00GHz ? Or I can make it a higher model from supported cpu list.


2. If I upgrade both at same time, can I use current heatsink for one of new cpus?


3. I found these pair cpus;

PAIR 2x Intel Xeon Dual Core 5160 3Ghz 1333MHZ SL9RT Woodcrest


PAIR 2x Intel Xeon Dual Core 5160 3Ghz 1333MHZ SLAG9

but can not figure which ones to choose. Supported cpu list says 5160 is supported. So which ones are correct for 140G3?


4. Do I need VRM for second cpu? I have some other hp servers. Would I need VRM for them with 2 cpus plugged in?


Thanks in advance.


Re: Some simple CPU questions?



1.  Both the CPU's should be of same specs.

2.  You may use the current heatsink if the hardware and glue/paste quality is good.

3.  SL9RT and SLAG9 are Stepping specification.  You can use 2xSLAG9 or 2xSL9RT, but do not mix them both.

4. If first CPU has a VRM then second CPU also needs a VRM, but my guess is DL140 G3 does not have VRM.


Stepping reference from Intel:

Refer to Page#17 from the pdf.


Tip:  Before adding or updating CPU, please update the bios on the server.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee
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Re: Some simple CPU questions?

Thank you for responds.


1. When looking at page 7 at pdf, are both stepping model same. As long as I have a chance to choose, which one should I get you suggest?


2. My current cpu is CPU E5130 @ 2.00GHz, so is Xeon Dual Core 5160 3Ghz 1333MHZ any or far better than mine?


3. Can you please confirm that DL140 G3 supports Xeon Dual Core 5160 3Ghz 1333MHZ ? and what I want to buy is this.


4. I also have some other server like DL160 G6, DL180 G6. How can I make sure if second cpu need vrm? Only looking at first cpu if it has vrm enough? If yes, how do I check that?


Thank you for being so kind.


Re: Some simple CPU questions?



SL9RT Core stepping B2 and SLAG9 Core stepping G0.

According to Intel, B2=1.0V-1.5V, G0=.85V-1.5V


Intel E5130 or Intel 5160, I would only see the speed difference, but there may be other differences too.


Please refer to DL140 G3 QuickSpecs, 5160 is supported.


VRM (Voltage Regulator Module) or PPM (Processor Power Module) I dont see these parts for DL140 G3 server.

VRM/PPM is a physical slot on the system board, if CPU1 does not have PPM then need not worry about CPU2.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.


Re: Some simple CPU questions?

thank you very much you cleared my questions.