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Sometime ML370 is recognized as a DL380


Sometime ML370 is recognized as a DL380

Sometime my ML370(600-1000)"was born" DL380 and stop on PCI Configuration. (show this with management display)
If I power off and remove the PCI card from the slot and reboot the server, f10 for configure hardware, and reboot again with PCI card reinstalled it is a "ML370" and boot OS normally.
I think there is incompatible from bios of my video capture card ( video survey on the lan), but W2KServer SP4 work normally.
Tell me about dip switch 7 and 8 for verify mobo setting. Now is 7=OFF, 8=ON.

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Re: Sometime ML370 is recognized as a DL380

Hi Elio,

It is true that the ML370G1 and DL380G1 have the same system board however switch 1 positions 6,7,8 determine the chassis ID.

6 off, 7 off, 8 on =ML370
6 off, 7 off, 8 off=DL380

The PCI riser cards are also different as the ML370 is a larger chassis and has more PCI slots available. I'm not sure what could be happening. Have you tried the card in different slots?

Slots 1 and 2 are primary PCI (32 bit) 5 volt, Slots 3,4,5,6 are secondary PCI (64 bit) 5 volt. All slots are 33Mhz bus spped. Is your card a 5V PCI model or a 3.3V ?

I don't know if this will help but you can check a couple of extra things at least.



Re: Sometime ML370 is recognized as a DL380

My system worked properly.
The last upgrade of P17 firmware caused this bug. I haven't other idea.
I have pull dip switch for umidity or bad contact than set 6-7-8 switch like ML370.

I will see.