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Specs for Exchange 2010 in a 60 user Environment

Nico Engelen
Occasional Visitor

Specs for Exchange 2010 in a 60 user Environment

Hi Everybody,

i have to deploy a new solution for an Exchange 2010 Server for a medium number of users. Approximately 60 users will use this server. I was asking myself if the following configuration would be suitable:

- HP ProLiant DL160 G6 wit 1 x Xeon E5520 (4-core, 2.26GHz)

- 6 GB of RAM

- Following setup of hard drives:

- 2 x 72GB 10k in a RAID 10 for System

- 2 x 72GB 10k in a RAID 10 for Transaction Logs

- 2 x 300GB 10k in a RAID 10 for Databases

- 2 x 300GB 10 in a RAID 10 as Restore LUN (though not shure wether to have a Restore LUN at all)

- Projected OS is Windows Server 2008 Enterprise R2 in a non-virtual environment

Since this is the first server i ever have to setup from scratch including buying all necessary parts i'm afraid to do something wrong. For instance i'm still considering if i really have to go for 10k SAS hard drives or if 7.2k SATA drives might also be fast enough. Or maybe i don't have to have 4 logical drives at all. All other Exchange Servers in our company (all Exchange 2003) just have one big logical drive that holds two partitions, a smaller one for system/pagefile and a big one that holds all of the rest like databases and transaction logs. Not sure if this approach might be enough for such a small server as well.

Plus i'm a little unsure how to think about the product description of the DL160 G6. It says "Up to 4LFF and 8SFF" in the Drive row. How am i supposed to understand that? Do i need special equipment to mount 8SFF disks in that server or is everything for rather installing 4LFF or 8SFF drives included with the server?

Hope you can help me out with that a little, any hint is really aprecciated.

Many Thanks in advance